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The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal: 8 Things You Need To Know

What does this method offer that makes it better than the other options? Here are 8 benefits of laser hair removal you need to know about.

1. It's Very Precise

How many times have you waxed or shaved, only to find that you’ve missed a strip? Then you have to do either procedure again, which can irritate your skin in the process.

With laser hair removal, not only is a trained professional doing this for you, but it’s also inherently a very precise procedure. With every application of the laser, it’ll remove only the hair, and just that. It’ll leave your skin completely alone and target just the hair you don’t want anymore.

2. It's Quick

Even if you’ve become skilled at waxing and shaving, both can take quite some time to do on your own. And at a salon, waxing can still take a decent amount of time to do.

Because lasers are so technologically advanced, they can zap away multiple hairs all in one go. And each “zap” takes just a fraction of a second. This means if the area you want to be treated is small enough, you can book an appointment on a lunch break and get back to work on time!

3. Less Pain

While shaving doesn’t always hurt (unless you cut yourself), waxing almost certainly comes with some degree of pain. If you strongly dislike that, then you’ll be pleased to know that laser hair removal doesn’t involve any pain at all.

The most you’ll feel is some discomfort, and that’s only in your initial sessions. After you’ve been a few times, you won’t feel a thing. Plus, the technician usually applies a cooling gel, which can feel soothing.

4. Fewer Side Effects

Again, with shaving and waxing, your skin may get red and irritated. When you leave a salon, or finish waxing/shaving yourself, it’s painfully obvious you’ve just removed some unwanted body hair.

But with laser hair removal, there are barely any side effects, if at all, any. A very, very small percentage of people may experience burning from it, but otherwise, there’s just a little bit of redness that soon disappears. You can make it go away even quicker by applying aloe vera gel.

5. No More Ingrown Hairs

The laser technology used means you remove hairs right at their follicles; this is where hair grows. When you shave, you cut off hairs at the surface of your skin, and this can cause ingrown hairs. Even with waxing you have this risk.

Laser hair removal guarantees that every single hair is removed at the follicle, so there’s literally a 0% chance for ingrown hairs. This is another factor that contributes to no itchy and irritated skin after hair removal.

One of the main problems with unwanted body hair is the fact that it’s so thick and abundant. What’s great about laser hair removal is each time you go for a session, your hair will grow back thinner and lighter.

In fact, with enough treatments, you may experience permanent hair loss in some areas. Do note that this isn’t a guarantee, but it can be a wonderful side perk of this hair removal method. This means you won’t have to get laser treatments done in those areas anymore, which can save you both time and money.

7. You'll Save Money

Although you have to pay a bit more for laser hair removal treatments, when you work it all out, you actually save money in the long run.

Think about it: when you wax and/or shave, you have to buy razors, shaving cream, and wax. And because these hair removal methods can affect your skin, you also have to buy skincare products on top of that.

While you may already have soothing lotions in your skincare regimen, you might have to purchase extra things like witch hazel to help with irritated skin and to lessen your chances of ingrown hairs.

Now compare all that with laser hair removal. While there are certain aftercare instructions to follow, there’s nothing extra you really need to purchase or apply. If you need to go outside in the sun, then you need SPF 30+ sunscreen to protect your skin. But that’s it!

8. It's Safer Than Other Methods

When you think about it, applying a laser over your body might sound scary. But the reality is, it’s super safe! In fact, it’s safer than other types of hair removal.

The technology’s been perfected throughout the years, and the technician using it is also properly trained and experienced in using a laser. Because it doesn’t cut into your skin, that risk is eliminated. And because it doesn’t use chemicals (like with waxing and shaving), there’s no risk of allergic reactions either.

So if you think about it, laser hair removal actually has very little risks; none, really. As long as you go to a reputable place, then you should be in safe hands.

Reap The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

With so many benefits of laser hair removal, you can’t afford not to get it. Considering it can remove hair painlessly, keep growth at bay, and give you better self-confidence, it’ll be worth every penny you spend to get this treatment.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of laser hair removal?  Then book an appointment with us now!



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