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MÍ. Committed to Your Care.


Welcome to Mí Laser and Aesthetics! Meet Sarah, the visionary behind the clinic. With her GDC registration and qualifications as a Dental Nurse & VTCT Level 4 Aesthetic Therapist, she brings expertise and passion to every treatment. Sarah's journey began with a deep love for skincare during her nursing career, inspiring her to create a haven for beauty enthusiasts.Conveniently located on Brentford High Street, Mí Laser & Aesthetics offers a curated selection of services and products, aimed at revitalizing your skin and spirit. Sarah's extensive qualifications also expertise in Skin booster Injections,Vitamin shot,Microneedling and Laser hair removal, ensuring comprehensive care for all your beauty needs. Prioritizing safety and staying abreast of cutting-edge techniques, Sarah ensures you receive nothing but the best.Ready to embark on a transformative journey? Reach out to Sarah today and discover exclusive offers tailored just for you!


MÍ. Committed to Your Care.



Tel: 07920767606

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Opening Hours


​Sunday (closed)


9 am-5:30 pm

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